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The current study regarded into the phenomenon of membership overlapping in some villages of Tangail. The research was exploratory in nature and the findings suggest that a majority of the sample borrowers have benefited from multiple borrowings, đầu tư tài chính online while others haven't been so profitable and a few even ended up as paupers. CJ The research discovered that many of the multiple borrowers don't approve of overlapping. The internal sources of finance and leasing or tai chinh online hire purchase are the minor supply to which solely few entrepreneurs resort to The objective of the examine has been to establish the character and cho vay p2p, http://banbuoncamera.net, cần vay tiền online causes of the incidence of membership overlap between different NGOs in selected villages and evaluate its affect on micro-credit programmes and rural poor. A majority of the multiple borrowers are landless, illiterate and take pleasure in comparatively good networking privileges.