Bayer's chloroquine donation to U.S. raises concern about FDA...
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By Katherine Eban

April 16 (Reuters) - On March 21, two days after President Donald Trump first touted chloroquine drugs as a "gamechanger" in the fight against COVID-19, śRodki na potencję ( administration officials privately described what they felt was a "win" in the president´s efforts to build an emergency stockpile of the drugs: a hefty donation of pills from Bayer AG.

In an exchange of enthusiastic emails among federal health officials reviewed by Reuters, Keagan Lenihan, chief of staff of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), cautioned that "3-4 days" of testing would be needed.

"Potentially serious issues with product so let´s be careful when we take that win," she wrote.

Bayer has since donated three million tablets of the drug, called Resochin, to the U.S.